2023 Clean Up

Every quarter I do a life audit.

I look at all the areas of my life and I do a complete congruency check.

I look at:

  • Business
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Self Connection
  • Love/Romance
  • Spirituality
  • Friendships and Family
  • Health and Wellness
  • My Environment
  • Fun

Since I’ve started doing this, my life has improved DRAMATICALLY.

From where I was at Jan 2022 to Jan 2023 is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I can clearly SEE the lessons and I can start to implement things to clean up what’s not working.

I can see what is and isn’t working and create a strategy for the next quarter.

And for the first time… I’m going to take you along with me to do this process

….FOR FREE (cause I’m a generous bitch, ya know?)

This is going to be a workshop style sorta vibe where I’m taking you through:

The Life Audit
Congruency Check
Desire Mapping for 2023

So you can walk away with clear, tangible shit you’re going to do so you can actually have what you want rather than getting to 2024 and crying about how nothing has changed LOL.


$222.00 AUD

There are absolutely no refunds for this product and your results are entirely dependent on you.

All content in this product is the intellectual property of Michelle Panning and must not under any circumstances be copied or plagiarized.

This is for your own personal transformation, not for resharing or selling as your own property.

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