Relationship Revival

A 2-day workshop all about our monthly relationship check-in.

Our ability to be super intentional about the health and evolution of our relationship is one of the biggest contributors to us having such a healthy dynamic

When shit is left unsaid in relationships, that’s a recipe for a blow-up 🙃

I truly don’t believe Drew and I would have the relationship we do without these intentional check-ins

So since SO MANY PEOPLE have asked us about it, we thought we would share it with you all!

What started as a 1-hour masterclass evolved into a 2 DAY WORKSHOP

And what’s so special about this is it’s our first offering available to men, women AND couples.

So if you’re a couple, you can come together

If you’re single, you can also come because think how powerful it will be to have the recording for when you ARE in a relationship and can implement it straight away

If you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t want to come… we’ll be covering that as well.

As the price goes up, more details will be released

  • Will be running 4th and 5th of March
  • Suitable for many time zones
  • All recorded
  • Replays available for life
  • Open to men, women and couples
  • Full price will be $888



$888.00 AUD

There are absolutely no refunds for this product and your results are entirely dependent on you.

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This is for your own personal transformation, not for resharing or selling as your own property.