A self-paced online program designed to help you stop acting from your wounds and start acting from the real you.

✦ You are incredibly critical of yourself and therefore super critical of others

✦ You are constantly stressed from working your ass off

✦ You see vulnerability as weakness

✦ You always need to be right

✦ You’re very stuck in your head

✦ You are afraid of love (maybe you become cold and distant)

✦ You always seek external validation

✦ You become overly needy in relationships

✦ You can’t control your emotions

✦ You kinda suck at boundaries

✦ You use your emotions and/or sexual energy to manipulate others and get what you want

✦ You feel like a victim in your life

This, my friend, is wounded masculine and feminine energy. The key to having successful relationships (and a happy life in my opinion) is to shift from being in your wounded masculine/feminine to being in your healthy masculine/feminine. It’s not that one energy is better than the other. It’s about the healthy integration of both of these energies.


Now… if you’re sitting here going “this all sounds amazing but WTF is masculine and feminine energy?” then you’ve come to the right spot.


Every single human on the planet has both masculine and feminine energy. This isn’t about gender. Men have masculine/feminine energy. Woman have masculine/feminine energy. People who identify as non-binary have masculine/feminine energy. This is about connecting with all aspects of yourself.

✦ Not take things personally
✦ Take action on all your goals and dreams without burning out
✦ Have relationships that embody healthy communication
✦ Attract men who will commit to you and have integrity
✦ Be vulnerable with the people around you (and yourself)
✦ Feel safe enough to speak your authentic truth
✦ Know how to ask for what you want and what you need
✦ Have strong boundaries (that you actually stick to)
✦ Be present and be able to hold space for others
✦ Be able to exercise discipline when you most need it

4x different modules to work through which includes:

✦ What these energies mean
✦ The wounds of the masculine and the feminine
✦ The gifts of the masculine and the feminine
✦ Creating polarity in relationships
✦ Playbook with journaling prompts and exercises to help you shift from wounded to healthy energy
✦ Playlist for your embodiment practices

If you’re ready to go from feeling…


✦ Overwhelmed by your emotions
✦ Overly needy in relationships
✦ Like you have all these dreams that you never take action on
✦ In your head and disconnected from your body
✦ Critical and judgemental of yourself and others
✦ Dismissive of your vulnerability

To feeling…


✦ Inspired by life
✦ Able to communicate your needs and boundaries
✦ Able to give and receive love freely
✦ Accepting of yourself and others
✦ Deeply connected to your body
✦ Connected to your purpose on this planet